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Embedded Systems Pay after Placement Program

Become a professional Embedded Engineer  in just 4 – 6 Months.  

Pay the Actual Training fee after you receive your offer letter!

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15+ Years


4-6 Months

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4-6 Hours

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July - 27 - 2024



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Pay after Placement

Want a chance to get trained in Embedded Systems with real time industry experts from Top MNCs?

It's not just regular training. It is a career Development Program with assured success (provided you are serious about your career)

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What do you get form this Embedded Systems Training

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Who can Eligible for this Embedded Pay After Placement Program?

B. Tech EEE

B. Tech ECE

B. Tech CSE

B. Tech Mechatronics

M. Tech Electronics

M. Tech Computers

M.Sc. Electronics

M.Sc. Computers


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Embedded Systems Pay after Placement Program


About Advanced Embedded Systems

An Embedded system is a computer system that is designed to perform a specific task within a larger mechanical or electronic system. Such systems are used in a wide variety of applications, including industrial automation, medical devices, and automobiles. 

Typically, an embedded system contains one or more processors and memory and may include peripheral input/output (I/O) devices such as a keyboard, display, printer, or modem. The I/O devices are typically connected to the processor via a bus or communication channel.

The processor executes software programs stored in memory and performs operations specified by the software programs and communicates with the I/O devices over the channel. A computer embedded system has all of the characteristics of a general purpose computer, but it is designed to be used in specific applications. 

It is used to develop a specific set of features in a larger system. For example, the GPS system in your car is an embedded system. Embedded systems may be found in various devices, including cell phones, digital cameras, security and surveillance equipment, toys, appliances, game consoles, medical instruments, and automobiles. 

Many embedded systems include a microcontroller (μC) or other similar type of controller, which provides control and data processing functions for the overall system.

LEARN Embedded Sytems TODAY For Pay After Placement FROM Embedded Hash


Why Should I Join in This Embedded Hash Pay After Placement Program?

Industry based trainers

We have advanced Embedded Systems trainers with 12+ years of industrial expertise who have been delivering high quality training by implementing industry oriented techniques and methodologies for a satisfactory learning experience.

Real time live projects

Our students are given real world live projects to practice and exposure that can later be included in their CVs for achieving quality job prospects.

Personalized training

At embedded hash, we offer tailored training that is highly customized and focuses on every individual candidate enrolled in our program to impart equal knowledge and opportunities.

Job assistance

We prepare the students with multiple mock interviews, tests and sessions along with company referrals and portfolio submissions.

Pay only after placement

You don’t have to pay if we don't deliver as per our promise. Pay us only after you receive your joining letter.

Multiple assignments & tasks

Throughout the training, our students will be challenged with collective assignments and assessments to evaluate their progress.

Learn & Execute

We believe in implementing our theories and ensure the same with our students with 4+ hrs of practical execution of the subject.

80% practical + 20% theory infused training

Our trainers teach in a way that prioritizes technical skills that are job oriented and useful during job placements.

We are training you on Embedded Systems fro FROM BASIC TO ADVANCED

About Embedded Pay After Placement Program

Embedded systems is one of the hottest courses in the IT industry right now. Embedded systems is an umbrella term that describes a wide range of technologies used in electronic devices and systems. The applications of embedded systems are varied, from the microcontroller in your smartphone to the CPU in your desktop computer. 

We at Embedded Hash are all about training students in embedded systems via innovative and assertive training methods that benefit the students in accelerating their career. Our Embedded Training course is a unique and profitable program wherein we provide candidates with the highest level of aggressive training for 6 months which includes a wide range of technical assignments, live project assistance, everyday tasks and more in Embedded Systems. 

The training will be guided and supervised by some of the top trainers in Hyderabad and will be conducted in a group format with experts available for one-on-one mentoring. The program will have a mixture of live lectures, workshops, labs, case studies and practical application of the skills learned during the training and is designed to prepare participants to work on their own projects with the use of embedded systems. 

We are offering a constructive opportunity to get trained and placed with a down payment of just 25k as an initial training acknowledgement. Embedded Hash is known for training and placements of over 30k+ students and professionals in top companies like HCL, Deloitte, Amazon and more with an impressive track record. 

What will you learn in this Pay After Placement Program?

Embedded Pay After Placement Program Faq's

A Pay after Placement program is an arrangement where individuals undergo training or education, and the payment for the program is made after they secure a job or placement in the relevant industry.

Participants in the program typically receive training without upfront payment. Once they secure a job, they are required to make payments based on a predetermined percentage of their salary for a specified duration.

Programs may provide assistance with resume building, interview preparation, and networking opportunities to enhance participants’ chances of securing suitable employment.

The main benefit is that individuals can receive training without the financial burden upfront. It aligns the success of the training program with the success of the participants in securing employment.

Programs often collaborate with industry experts, provide hands-on projects, and offer practical training sessions to ensure participants gain relevant skills needed in the field of Embedded Systems.

Programs have partnerships with leading companies in the embedded systems sector to facilitate job placements for participants.

Placement options can vary, and some programs may offer flexibility in choosing job locations, while others may have predetermined placement locations based on their industry partnerships.

Programs may have specific educational requirements, such as a minimum level of education in electronics, computer science, or a related field. Understanding these prerequisites is important for potential participants.

Yes, Our program provides participants with access to course materials and resources even after completion, allowing them to review and reinforce their knowledge as needed.

Understanding the evaluation methods used during the program can provide insight into the depth of learning and skill development expected from participants.

Yes, Our program includes internships or practical projects as part of the training curriculum to provide participants with hands-on experience in real-world scenarios.

Yes, embedded programming can be a well-paying field. Salaries can vary based on factors such as experience, location, and the specific industry. Generally, professionals with strong skills in embedded programming are in demand and can command competitive salaries.

With less than a year of experience to six years, the compensation range for an Embedded Systems Engineer in India is ₹1.5 Lakhs to ₹11.5 Lakhs, with an average yearly salary of ₹ 5.3 Lakhs based on 825 most recent earnings.

Yes, embedded systems are in high demand across various industries. As technology continues to advance, the need for embedded systems in products such as consumer electronics, automotive systems, healthcare devices, and industrial equipment is increasing. This demand creates opportunities for professionals in the embedded systems field.

Commonly used languages for embedded programming include C and C++ due to their efficiency and close-to-hardware capabilities. Additionally, languages like Python are gaining popularity for specific applications within embedded systems. The best language often depends on the project’s constraints and objectives.

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