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Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Next batch Details

Trainer Name Mr. Chandra Shekhar (Certified Trainer)
Trainer Experience 15+ Years
Next Batch Date 29th July 2024 (8:00 AM IST)
Training Modes: Online Training (Instructor Led) / offline 
Course Duration: 6 Months 
Call us at: +91 7997 00 33 55
Email Us at: embeddedhash.in@gmail.com
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Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Course Topics

  • Overview of MicroPython
  • History and background of MicroPython
  • Advantages of MicroPython over traditional Python
  • Installing MicroPython on different platforms
  • Basic data types, variables, and operators
  • Control structures, functions, and modules in MicroPython
  • Working with input and output
  • rals
    Introduction to sensors and peripherals
  • Working with sensors like temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors
  • Controlling LEDs, motors, and other peripherals using MicroPython
  • Reading and writing data from/to sensors and peripherals
  • Networking protocols, including TCP/IP and HTTP
  • Sending and receiving data over the internet using MicroPython
  • Creating a web server with MicroPython
  • Connecting to the MQTT server and sending/receiving messages
  • Using MicroPython libraries and modules to simplify programming
  • Creating and working with classes and objects
  • Introduction to machine learning with MicroPython
  • Working with external memory and filesystems
  • Develop a real-world project using MicroPython, sensors, and peripherals
  • Project design, development, and implementation
  • Project documentation and presentation.

Why join our Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Key points

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Skilled Micropython Instructors

The Embedded Hash Institute’s faculty members are experienced professionals with micropython knowledge who bring practical experience to the classroom.

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Training Success:

500+ students were trained and 150+ got placed by Embedded Hash in the last 6 months

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Free Micropython Demos

Utilize our free 3 days of micropython demo classes before joining the course.

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Hardware Interaction with Micropython

The training should cover techniques for interfacing with hardware such as sensors, motors, and displays using Micropython.

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Hands-On Learning with Exercises

The training will also include hands-on exercises to reinforce the concepts learned, including programming exercises and hardware experiments.

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Internship Access and Recommendations

Access the internship program offered by Embedded Hash and get recommendations for the top organizations in Hyderabad.

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Real-World Micropython Applications

At Embedded Hash the training will include case studies of real-world applications of Micropython. will teach python for embedded systems course

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Practical Micropython Implementation

The training will demonstrate how Micropython can be used for embedded hash, including how to implement hash functions in Micropython.

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Affordable Fees with Installment Options

Learn Embedded Linux at affordable fees with installment options that can be paid during the training program.

What is Micropython?

MicroPython is a compact implementation of the Python 3 programming language.

It is designed to run on microcontrollers and small embedded systems.

MicroPython is specifically tailored for resource-constrained devices, such as microcontrollers and embedded systems.

It brings the ease of Python programming to devices with limited computational power.

MicroPython is an open-source project, that allows developers to access and modify its source code.

MicroPython is compatible with Python 3 syntax, making it familiar to developers with experience in the Python programming language.

It allows developers to leverage their Python skills in the realm of embedded systems.

MicroPython is designed to operate efficiently in environments with restricted memory.

It offers a lightweight alternative for situations where memory resources are limited.

MicroPython is widely used in embedded systems and IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

It provides a high-level programming language for controlling and interacting with embedded devices.

Developers can iterate and test their ideas efficiently, speeding up the development process.

Micropython Course


Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Prerequisites of the Course

Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Who should learn

Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Micropython online Training

Course Outline

A brief introduction to MicroPython and its applications in embedded systems.

Installing MicroPython on embedded systems and configuring development environments

Develop a comprehensive understanding of Micropython, starting with its syntax, features, and core principles.

Gain practical experience in working with embedded systems, including microcontrollers, sensors, and actuators.

Master techniques for interfacing with hardware such as sensors, motors, and displays, leveraging the capabilities of Micropython.

Develop proficiency in navigating Micropython documentation and utilizing online resources effectively for continuous learning.

Interaction with microcontrollers, controlling GPIO pins using MicroPython, and connecting/reading data from sensors.

Collaboration strategies for MicroPython projects and criteria for assessing participant performance.

Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Course Overview
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Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Internship program

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Micropython course

Tools Covered

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Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Modes of Training

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Class Room Traning

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Online Training

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Corporate Training

Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Career Opportunities


Embedded Systems Developer

MicroPython proficiency is highly valued in roles that involve developing firmware for embedded systems. Professionals can work on a variety of projects, from IoT devices to industrial automation.


IoT (Internet of Things) Engineer

With the rise of IoT applications, engineers skilled in MicroPython can contribute to the development of smart devices and systems that require efficient programming on resource-constrained microcontrollers.


Firmware Engineer

Firmware engineers specializing in MicroPython are sought after to work on the low-level software that controls hardware devices. This role is crucial in various industries, including consumer electronics and automotive.


Microcontroller Programmer:

MicroPython experts can pursue careers as microcontroller programmers, focusing on writing and optimizing code for microcontrollers used in diverse applications such as robotics, medical devices, and home automation.


Embedded Software Developer

Embedded software developers utilize MicroPython for creating software that operates on embedded systems. This role is common in industries like telecommunications, aerospace, and automotive.


Automation Engineer

MicroPython plays a vital role in automation, and professionals can find opportunities in designing and implementing automated systems for manufacturing, testing, and process control.


Technical Consultant

With expertise in MicroPython, individuals can work as technical consultants, providing guidance on the integration of MicroPython into various projects and helping businesses optimize their embedded systems.


Research and Development (R&D)

Professionals with MicroPython skills may find opportunities in research and development roles, working on innovative projects and exploring new applications of MicroPython in emerging technologies.


Product Development Engineer

MicroPython expertise is valuable in product development, where engineers contribute to the creation of new devices and technologies, ensuring efficient and effective use of microcontrollers.


Quality Assurance Engineer

Professionals with MicroPython proficiency can work in quality assurance, ensuring that firmware and embedded software meet high standards of reliability and performance.

Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Benefits of the Course

Skill Development

Embedded Hash Institute’s MicroPython course provides hands-on skill development and practical application for embedded systems.

Knowledge Enhancement

Gain deep insights into MicroPython for embedded systems, stay updated with industry trends and acquire practical knowledge.

Career Advancement

Complete the MicroPython course to enhance your resume and position yourself competitively for career growth in embedded systems.

Flexible Learning Paths

Experience flexible learning with scheduling options and online modules, allowing you to tailor your MicroPython learning journey.

Specialized Knowledge

Acquire specialized knowledge in applying MicroPython to embedded applications, deepening understanding for practical implementation.

Practical Application

Implement MicroPython in real-world scenarios through hands-on applications embedded within the course.

Personal Growth

Beyond technical skills, the MicroPython course contributes to personal growth, fostering confidence and a broader perspective.

Certification Recognition

Receive a recognized certification in MicroPython for embedded systems, validating skills for professional application.

High Demand

The demand for Micropython is very high and there are a number of job openings in  Micropython world wide.

Micropython Course

Skills developed post training


You will gain a comprehensive understanding of MicroPython programming, covering syntax, data types, control structures, networking protocols, and working with sensors and peripherals.


You will gain knowledge on how to troubleshoot and debug MicroPython programs.


Learn how to use MicroPython to create Internet of Things apps.


You will get the knowledge of creating embedded systems with MicroPython.


Learning MicroPython will assist you in improving your problem-solving abilities.


Additionally, you will learn how to simplify and speed up programming with the help of MicroPython libraries.


You will learn how to develop IoT applications using MicroPython


You will learn how to debug and troubleshoot MicroPython programs

Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Why choose us ?

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Experienced Instructors

Our MicroPython training program is led by experienced instructors who have a deep understanding of the language and its applications. They are experts in their field and are dedicated to helping you achieve your learning goals.


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Interactive Learning

Our training program is designed to be interactive and engaging, with a variety of learning materials, including lectures, hands-on projects, and assignments. This ensures that you have a hands-on learning experience and gain a deep understanding of the language and its applications.

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MicroPython Certification

We offer MicroPython certification upon completion of our training program, which can help you enhance your career prospects and demonstrate your expertise in this field.


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Job Assistance

We understand that the ultimate goal of learning MicroPython is to enhance your career prospects. That’s why we offer job assistance to our students. Our job assistance program includes resume building, interview preparation, and job placement support to help you find the right job after completion of the training program.

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Individual Attention

At Embedded Hash, we believe in providing individual attention to each student to ensure that they can learn effectively. We maintain small class sizes and provide one-on-one guidance to ensure that you receive personalized attention and can get your doubts cleared easily.

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Hands-On Experience

We believe that hands-on experience is crucial to learning any programming language. Our training program includes several opportunities to work on hands-on projects and apply the concepts you learn in real-time, which helps you develop a deeper understanding of the language.

Micropython course Certifications

Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Official Certification

  • At Embedded Hash, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible education and training in Micropython.
  • After completion of our Micropython course training program, we offer a certification that recognizes the skills and knowledge you have acquired. Our certification is designed to help you demonstrate your expertise in this powerful programming language and stand out in this growing field.
  • Our Micropython course certification program is designed to be rigorous and challenging, ensuring that you have the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a Micropython developer.
  • By obtaining a Micropython course certification from Embedded Hash, you will be able to demonstrate to potential employers or clients that you have the skills and knowledge needed to develop high-quality Micropython applications. This can help you stand out in a competitive job market and increase your earning potential.

Micropython Training in Hyderabad

Student’s Testimonials

Read More
The Micropython Training in Hyderabad at Embedded Hash Institute was exactly what I was looking for. The hands-on approach to learning helped me build my skills quickly and the trainers were always available to answer any questions I had. I Highly recommend micropython course at embedded hash.
Read More
The Micropython course program at Embedded Hash Institute was the best investment I've made in my career. The skills I learned in micropython course have helped me land a new job and have given me the confidence to take on more challenging projects.
Read More
I was impressed with the range of hardware platforms and sensors that were available at Embedded Hash Institute. Being able to experiment with different hardware made the learning experience much more engaging and helped me develop a deeper understanding of MicroPython.
Read More
The trainers at Embedded Hash Institute are amazing. They are incredibly knowledgeable about MicroPython and provided me with all the support I needed to master the language. I couldn't be happier with the training program and the skills I have acquired.
Hima Sagar
Read More
I have been a programmer for years, but I was new to MicroPython. The training program at Embedded Hash Institute was perfect for me. It covered all the basics of MicroPython and provided me with plenty of opportunities to apply what I had learned in real-world projects. Embedded Hash is the best training institute in Hyderabad for micropython course.
Dinesh Kumar
Read More
I found the MicroPython training program at Embedded Hash Institute to be very comprehensive. The trainers were patient and knowledgeable and the program covered all the essentials of MicroPython, from the basics to the more advanced topics. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to learn MicroPython course.
Aisha Khan
Read More
Enrolling in the MicroPython training program at Embedded Hash was a transformative experience. The curriculum is well-structured, covering the fundamentals to advanced topics seamlessly. The practical hands-on approach, combined with real-world projects, made the learning journey both engaging and applicable. The trainers were not just experts but also mentors, providing valuable insights into the industry. I now feel confident in my MicroPython skills and highly recommend this program to anyone aspiring to excel in embedded systems.
Siddharth Kapoor
Read More
Choosing Embedded Hash for MicroPython training was undoubtedly the right decision. The course content is detailed and structured, ensuring a gradual and thorough learning experience. The trainers are not just knowledgeable but also passionate about MicroPython, creating an inspiring atmosphere. The real-world projects allowed me to showcase my skills, and the feedback received was constructive. I feel confident in my MicroPython abilities, thanks to the well-rounded training provided by Embedded Hash.
Priya Mehta
Read More
I recently completed the MicroPython training at Embedded Hash, and I must say it was a fantastic experience. The trainers demonstrated a deep understanding of MicroPython and its applications in embedded systems. The hands-on labs and projects were challenging yet immensely rewarding. The course's emphasis on practical skills is what sets it apart. The facility in Hyderabad is equipped with state-of-the-art resources, creating a conducive learning environment. I recommend this training to anyone looking to enhance their MicroPython proficiency.

Companies that Hire

Micropython course in Hyderabad

Placement Opportunities

Embedded hash  offers excellent placement opportunities, connecting you with meaningful job placements in various industries. Your expertise in Micropython can lead to fulfilling roles as an MicroPython Developer, MicroPython Software Engineer, MicroPython Instructor or Trainer

Micropython Training in Hyderabad

10,000+ job openings for Micropython

Micropython Training in Hyderabad
Micropython Training in Hyderabad
Micropython Training in Hyderabad
Embedded Hash

There are Lakhs of job openings in the field of Micropython worldwide.

Micropython online training

Market Trend


The market trend for Micropython has been steadily increasing in recent years, in tandem with the growing need for IoT devices and embedded systems.


The community surrounding Micropython has been growing quickly, and new libraries, modules, and tools are often created and made available.


Due to its robust features and ease of use, micro python has grown in popularity among makers and hobbyists.


As the need for embedded systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices grows, Micropython is predicted to remain popular.


Numerous organizations and businesses, such as software development companies, hardware producers, and academic institutions, have embraced micropython.


Additionally, makers, educators, and hobbyists are using it more and more.


Micropython has been adopted by a range of companies and organizations, including hardware manufacturers, software development firms, and research institutions. It is also increasingly used by hobbyists, makers, and educators.


the Micropython community has been expanding rapidly, with new libraries, modules, and tools being developed and released on a regular basis.

Micropython Training in Hyderabad

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Referred by Students

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Micropython course FAQ's

MicroPython is a compact implementation of the Python 3 programming language designed to run on microcontrollers and other resource-constrained devices.


MicroPython is easy to learn and use, and offers a wide range of libraries and modules for working with sensors and peripherals. It’s also lightweight and efficient, making it ideal for use on small devices.


Yes, MicroPython is a great language for beginners to learn, as it has a simple and intuitive syntax, and provides access to a wide range of hardware and sensors.


No, MicroPython has been ported to run on a wide range of microcontrollers, but not all microcontrollers are supported.


To run MicroPython, you’ll need a microcontroller with enough memory and processing power to support the language. You’ll also need a way to flash the MicroPython firmware onto your microcontroller.


The process for installing MicroPython varies depending on the platform and the microcontroller you’re working with. You can typically find installation instructions on the MicroPython website or on the website of the manufacturer of your microcontroller.


MicroPython is a subset of the Python 3 programming language, with a smaller standard library and some features removed to reduce its memory footprint. It also includes some features specific to microcontrollers, such as support for hardware control.


Yes, MicroPython is released under an open source license, which means that you can use and modify the software for free.


No, you don’t necessarily need to know Python to learn MicroPython, although some familiarity with programming concepts will be helpful.


Yes, MicroPython can be installed on the Raspberry Pi, and can be used to interact with the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins, sensors, and other peripherals.

Yes, the course is beginner-friendly and caters to individuals with varying levels of experience. It provides a solid foundation for those new to programming or electronics.

Yes, the course provides placement assistance to help participants connect with relevant job opportunities in the field of MicroPython and embedded systems.

Yes, participants receive a certification upon completing the MicroPython course. This certification is a recognized credential, showcasing proficiency in MicroPython programming for embedded systems.

Yes, the course is available online. The duration varies based on the program, but typically it is designed to accommodate participants with varying time commitments, allowing flexibility in learning.

The course is beginner-friendly. However, a basic understanding of Python programming is beneficial. Familiarity with electronics and microcontrollers is a plus but not required.

No, Python is not difficult to learn for most people.In fact, Python is considered to be one of the easiest programming languages ​​to learn.

In Hyderabad, Embedded Hash is the best institution. Embedded Hash offers online MicroPython courses. It is one of the best micro python institutes in Hyderabad with excellent training facilities. Embedded Hash provides comprehensive support and information about microPython.

Generally, it takes about 2 to 6 months to learn the basics of microPython.

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